Sway Control Hitches Go Towards New Trend

In the world of recreational vehicles (or also very popular known and called as RVs), a new kind of trend is spurting out. And according to some news, the RV industry is advancing and using a new chain style kind of weight distribution. This is also actually integrated sway control hitch systems which would surely be helping out owners and drivers of recreational vehicles. Who knows? Learning more about this new kind of sway control hitch could certainly be a big help in keeping your recreational vehicle’s Mazda auto parts looking new and performing up to their maximum capacities.

They call the new kind of RV technology the E2 and it is a creation of Progress Manufacturing Inc. This one is quite unique for it has the capacity to actually combine the rigid trail brackets, which are already proven to work well, with the hitch that has a trunnion type of style. Together, they work as the E2, and this now provides a new kind of alternative for hitches with chain styles that is free from hassle and easy to use. The E2 also has got a weight distribution feature and also boasts of an integrated two-point Sway Control feature. Progress does say that E2 is the very type of hitch that those owners of RVs would be liking. After all, the E2 could be used so as to be quite effective and very economical as a sway control option.

Jed Anderson is the chief head honcho of Progress and on the E2, he describes this one by saying, “It is important for dealers and RVers to be familiar with integrated sway control systems because RVers are starting to ask for sway control. People are realising that integrated sway control gives you more value for your money.” He also does add, “The hitch was really well received at the show; we are able to explain the benefits of the E2 to a lot of people. Most people were excited about the easy installation, hook up, and built-in sway control.”

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