How To Select The Right Foods & Cooking Accessories For Camping

Camping is a great way to get away from stress and get back to nature. Planning what to bring on the trip may seem difficult because aside from the regular gear that you will need, you also have to consider what type of food to bring and what tools you will need to prepare it. There are ways to make planning your camping menus a lot easier.

What Cooking Tools Do I Need?

There are a few basic tools that every camper should bring with them. One of them is a camp stove, so you will be able to prepare hot meals. There are various kinds to choose from.

The best kind to get is one that allows you to adjust the heat, so that you will be able to boil, simmer and fry. The next thing that you will need is a good set of cookware. Depending on what you will be cooking, you should be sure to include a pot to boil water in and a fry pan. You will also need to bring a lot of water with you, not only to cook with but also to drink.

What Types of Food Should I Bring?

Since camping may also include a lot of physical activity, such as hiking, boat rowing or swimming, it’s important to keep your strength up by eating 3 meals a day.

Breakfast: Include milk, so that you can have cold cereal in the morning. If you prefer a hot breakfast, brings eggs, since they are a good source of protein and easy to cook. You can either fry them or boil them.

Lunch: For lunch, you might want to make sandwiches. Instead of bringing a loaf of regular bread that can be easily crushed, consider tortillas or pita bread. Another bonus to bringing this type of bread is that they are flat, so they are easy to pack. If you don’t want to bring cold cuts, consider peanut butter as an alternative. It’s easy to pack and provides a good source of protein.

Dinner: Dinner will probably be your biggest meal. Some people like to fish when they go camping and plan to eat their catch, while others have to rely on what they bring. Good dinner foods to bring with you are dried beans, cheese, rice or couscous and bouillon cubes. Beans are an excellent source of protein and rice and couscous provide energy giving carbs. You can simmer beans and rice or add extra water and bouillon cubes to make a hearty soup. Bring a small collection of spices with you, like salt, pepper, garlic powder or other spices that you enjoy to season your food with.

By planning easy meals to prepare on your camping trip, you will be able to eat well while enjoying getting back to nature.

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