How To Find Camping Beds For All Occasions

The opportunity for a restful night is appealing to campers today, as people realise their need for a good night’s sleep. Camping beds come in a wide range of sizes and comfort levels. Now campers can choose from an ultra-light backpacker to the creature comfort car camper. Models of camping equipment, with exciting new features, emerge daily. With the right choices, spending the night in the woods can include the same comforts enjoyed at home. Thanks to the increased development of quality camping beds, campers have dismissed the fear of a possible sore back with each camping venture. They are free to concentrate on their enjoyable camping experiences.

Foam Camping Beds

For years backpackers have used rolled foam camping beds. These beds are durable enough to be used for cooking in camp. They double for a table when needed to keep cookware free from dirt and sand. These reasonably beds are light and warm, a gentle comfort for backpackers.

Self-Inflating Camping Beds

Thermarest, a line of self-inflating camping beds, provides more warmth than foam mats, and they are of comparable weight. A layer of air, held between two layers of insulation, keeps a camper warm. Self-inflating beds give extra cushion, sorely needed when rocks and sticks lie beneath the tent.

Full Inflating Beds

Full inflating beds offer even more warmth and protection, but their weight and bulk restricts usage to groups who are car camping. These inflatable beds are a luxury for campers, who bear the burden to transport them to their campsite. Nevertheless, sleeping in these beds out under the stars is as comfortable as any bed in your home. When inflated, these beds occupy as much space as a standard mattress. It takes a lot of air to fill them and they are susceptible to punctures. A night on the cold, hard ground could be a possibility.

The Classic Cot

Another alternative to the inflatable camping bed is the classic cot. It is appreciated by car campers and base camps, as well, for it is comfortable, sets up quickly, and maintains the camper at a high level, well above the cold. These cots are much too heavy for backpackers. They are perfect for family-sized or wall tents. They take up too much space for smaller tents.


Hammocks are light and make a small bundle. With the right rain fly, a good hammock might even replace a tent. A hammock is great for a backpacker, who can easily assemble a rain fly using a tarp and a few pieces of rope. It is not wise to use a hammock during cold weather, as hammocks do not store heat. Heat escapes from hammocks and is absorbed by the surrounding air. Summer is the time for using hammocks.

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