What is a log book service and why is it better than a regular service?

What is a logbook service? Most cars should get one.

A logbook service is a recurrent automotive service that is performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Small difficulties are remedied by following the regular maintenance plan stated in your log book, preventing larger problems from occurring in the future and preserving your guarantee.

Each log book is unique to the make and model of the automobile it comes with, and it contains vital information on your vehicle’s crucial servicing requirements.

These service needs are presented in a precise order to guarantee that the correct services are executed throughout the warranty period.

These log book service intervals are intended to keep your automobile running at peak performance for the duration of its life.

The following log book services may be provided:

  • Checks for your vehicle’s safety
  • Fluids should be checked and replaced at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals.
  • Continual general services
  • Any necessary repairs or replacement parts

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Is it necessary for me to utilise my original auto dealer for log book services?

People often wrongly believe that in order to keep their warranty, automobile owners must get their vehicle serviced at the dealership where they purchased it.

This is not true.

The ACCC has declared that your automobile can be repaired by any technician of your choosing, as long as the mechanic is competent.

In rare cases, a log book may have a section that must be signed or stamped by an authorised dealer in order to keep the manufacturer’s warranty. This page can be filled by your technician if they have followed the manufacturer’s instructions and satisfied all of the parameters for that specific logbook service.

Our certified and experienced technicians at Bentleigh Automotive Services can perform log book auto services to guarantee your warranty is valid and your car works smoothly.

What are the advantages of using a log book service?

The following are the primary benefits of frequent log book services:

1. Protection of the warranty

Your warranty is more likely to be honoured if you have consistently maintained your vehicle. For new or used automobiles that are still under warranty, the log book car service must be done within the time limit specified, otherwise, the guarantee may be voided.

Maintaining your car’s warranty ensures that the manufacturer will repair any flaws without charging you.

2. Preserve the resale value

When you’re ready for your new vehicle, you’ll probably want to sell your present one. This is when your log book service’s track record comes into play. If you can demonstrate that your automobile has been well maintained, you will be able to sell it for a higher price. Regular log book services are associated with a greater resale value, putting you in a better financial position to acquire your next automobile.

3. Maintain performance while extending the lifespan

By having your automobile serviced on a regular basis, your technician is more likely to detect any flaws before they become severe problems. Major problems are not only expensive, but they may also leave you without a car for a lengthy period of time while it is being repaired.

Regular maintenance should also lengthen the life of your vehicle since continuous care and service ensure that your vehicle performs optimally for an extended period of time.

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At Bentleigh Automotive Services, we strongly believe in adhering to your vehicle’s manufacturer’s log book servicing requirements at regular intervals. We conduct these services to exceedingly high quality, whether your automobile is new and under warranty or out of warranty. Our high-quality work guarantees that our customers reap the full spectrum of advantages from continuous log book maintenance and that their vehicle operates well for years to come. Contact our friendly staff for expert log book automobile services you can rely on, or send us a message using our online contact form below.